Customer Services laid bare as part of PVM / City West training

We have had the pleasure of working with City West Housing Trust on an NLDC funded project in Salford. A team of women were introduced to the basic principles of customer service and then tasked with making films on the subject. All of the women were completely new to film-making and were thrown in at the deep end, including learning interview techniques, getting street vox-pop interviews and story-boarding their own films for a one hour film-making challenge.

They worked in smalCity West PVM Film makersl groups to devise, plan, shoot and edit their own films on any topic to do with customer service – and the range of content they produced is fantastic! From reminiscence about the changing face of customer services over the years to an excellent training video about language barriers and an impressive realisation of the ‘oversight chain’ the women all showed great creativity, flair, committment and competence.

They received recognition of their achievements at a special celebration ceremony and we wish them all well in the future.